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Atlantis | Water Management Technology


Established in 1986, Atlantis is the leading international provider of water management solutions. With offices and partners around the world, we integrate consulting and the supply of innovative technologies to develop total environmental solutions for urban stormwater management.

Atlantis’s objective is to create sustainable environmental solutions, turning major environmental problems into rejuvenated assets that enhance water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge.

The Atlantis approach is modern, holistic and creative resulting in a more natural and environmentally, sustainable design.

The Atlantis system guarantees compliance with environmental regulations, even in the most difficult and sensitive locations, thereby avoiding costly legal cases.

Our strategies include partnering with customers to develop the specific customised solutions, anticipating and meeting their development needs while, at the same time, repairing or protecting the environment in a manner, which makes economic sense for all parties involved in urban development.

Atlantis incorporates all environmental considerations when analysing development design. Our multi-skilled team of environmental engineers, landscape architects and biologists work together to solve customers’ problems in an ethical and holistic way.

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We believe in creating Green Cities for Life a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment. Our innovations, real world applications and systems embrace and deliver this vision.

We believe in making a difference. The coexistence between nature and humanity is the key to sustainability. Atlantis stands for quality, innovation, and delivering solutions that work.

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