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Award winning safety design for the Rotatruck Stairclimber

Supplier: Rotacaster Wheel By: Rotacaster Pty Ltd
15 May, 2017

Climbing up stairs with a hand truck is never easy. It usually requires the operator to pull up the load.

Rotatruck Stair Climbers are designed to eliminate the specific movements and issues that often result in injuries when pulling a load up stairways. Rotatruck Stair Climbers require around 30% less effort than a standard hand truck when ascending stairs.

Using a Rotatruck leads to improved workplace safety, reduced risk of fatigue and strain injuries, whilst increasing the ease of handling and transporting speed. The rotating star shaped wheel mounts reduce the force to pull the load upstairs, as the direction of pull force is the same the wheels need to travel to.

Rotatruck Stairclimber with Jockey Wheels - Award Winning Safety Design