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Blown Pallet Wrap VS Cast Pallet Wrap

Supplier: Signet

Pallet wrap (stretch film) is an integral part of any packaging operation so it is important to make sure you’re using the best film for the job.

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With the technology available today there are many different pallet wraps available, with the two main types being blown film and cast film. See below for a comparison of the two along with the benefits of using either.

Blown Film

Blown film is made through the process of feeding beads of resin through a heated machine which has a circular die. This heated resin is “blown” vertically into a bubble which is air cooled and made into rolls of film. The film is made with a unique 3 laminate film with metallocene to allow greater strength at a lesser thickness

Benefits of Blown Film:

  •     High-tack (the stickiness on the inside to hold goods together and stabilise a load)
  •     Extremely strong: tear and puncture resistant
  •     Stretchable in both directions
  •     Made in Australia

Standard blown film is clear, however it is also available in black and white (also known as “security film”), and coloured wrap (blue, green and red) which is ideal for colour-coding stock or pallets.

Cast Film

Cast film is also made from beads of resin; however these are fed into a heated barrel which is then pushed through a narrow slotted die. The film is then solidified after being fed along a cooled rolling path, and is then made into rolls of film.

Benefits of Cast Film:

  •     Silent to apply (no loud unwrapping noise)
  •     High clarity clear: this allows barcodes to be easily scanned through the film
  •     Provides water resistance for a pallet
  •     Made in Australia

Both blown and cast wrap are available in a range of thicknesses: cast is available in 17 micron (um), 20um, 23um, & 25um with blown available in 13um, 17um, 20um & 25um. Both films are made into hand pallet wrap size or machine sized rolls.

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