11 Aug 2022

Wentworth Shire Council has turned to a trusted name in Machinery to help extend the life of its landfill.


Compaction and maximising the life of a landfill are key objectives, with Wentworth Shire Council achieving both, according to Geoff Gunn, Director of Roads and Engineering.

Geoff says, just five weeks since investing in a BOMAG BC772RB-2, Tier 3 Refuse Compactor through Tutt Bryant Equipment, there’s a “massive improvement” on site. “We’re really impressed with it”. “The compaction is showing immediate results on the ground,” he says.

In the Riverina region of New South Wales, Wentworth shire is about 26,000 square kilometres, with a population of about 8000. A number of landfill and transfer stations, operate throughout, including Dareton, Wentworth and Pomona, but Buronga is predominantly the major landfill for the shire.

Compaction significantly influences the lifespan of a landfill site. Key to optimum compaction is the distribution of waste into suitable layer thicknesses.

Geoff says prior to using a BOMAG compactor the landfill site at Buronga was plagued by machinery breakdowns and inefficiency.

“We had been using some older machines in that space for a while and were suffering from heaps of breakdowns and less compaction, which led to having to do more hours,” he says. “That’s why we’ve gone for new machinery. It’s an integral part of our operation.”


BOMAG Has Been Designed For Toughest Loads And Stresses Of Landfill Operations

BOMAG high output diesel engines provide ample power for all conditions, while intelligent design produces cost-effective compaction with minimum maintenance required.

A unique oscillating articulated joint, which as 15-degree oscillation and 40-degree steering to either side of the machine, means all wheels maintain ground contract, optimising traction and compaction.

Geoff says there is “immediate and noticeable improvements in compaction” at the Buronga landfill.

“Our waste encompasses a lot of different type of materials, it’s not uniform when we’re trying to compact it. We found this machine provides a really good compactive effort across the whole working face,” he says.

“The power of the machine is phenomenal. It’ll climb up any slope or gradient we’ve got there.”

“We still have older machines sitting out there [in the landfill], but the comparison between the two is like chalk and cheese.”

Geoff says feedback is encouraging. Operators report zero downtime dealing with mechanical issues when using the BOMAG compactor, and because good results are being seen on the ground more quickly, manpower is freed up for other on-site jobs.

There’s been little need for service, but on-site mechanics say the ergonomics of the compactor, which allow for easy access to important service points on a daily basis or for scheduled maintenance, are impressive.

Geoff says while it’s too early for accurate data on fuel efficiency because the compactor has been in use for a short time, early signs are good.

“Early feedback from the landfill supervisor and operators is that the fuel is pretty good and on par, or slightly better, than the previous machines we’ve had”.

“Fuel aside, the speed at which it can operate, the number of passes and achieving our compaction rate with a lot less effort, that is immediately showing increased benefit to us as far as operating costs go.”

“From a director’s point of view, if I’ve got people happy to operate the machine, it’s all encouraging signs.”


Tutt Bryant Equipment Is The Sole Dealer And Servicing Agent For BOMAG in Australia.

John Glossat, National Business Development Manager for Tutt Bryant Equipment says BOMAG compactors are specially designed for landfills, providing a fully enclosed underbody, polygon wheel design with scarpers and wire cutters as standard to support superior two-stage constant compaction.

“With active monitoring via a telematic system, we can follow the machine anywhere and it’s daily activities can be viewed not only by Wentworth Shire Council but also our service team or BOMAG direct for best performances and reduced downtimes.”


Contact our Equipment Specialists team at Tutt Bryant to learn more about the BOMAG BCC733RB-2.