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Brobo Group

The Brobo Group manufacture premium quality industrial machinery to the highest standards which conform to Australian Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Brobo currently manufacture a large range of industrial metal saws, pedestal drills, grinders, specialised purpose machinery and are also a supplier of high and low volume precision machined components.

The Brobo Group has been involved in engineering, design and manufacturing industrial machinery since 1947. Today "Brobo" is a household name in the Australian manufacturing industry. Brobo Group has been progressively expanding their enterprise to be recognised as one of the leading saw manufacturing companies in the world.

- Brobo machines, manufactured in Australia to the highest standard by a 100% Australian owned company.
- We operate a quality assurance system that has allowed us to achieve accreditation to ISO9001.
- We have invested in a significant number of CNC machines to provide a quality-controlled contract machining and manufacturing business.
- We continually upgrade our machinery; develop rapid-change tooling and setup reduction techniques to produce your materials at competitive prices.
- We are backed by experienced engineers and highly-skilled machinists.
- We currently perform contract work for a large number of clientele from the automotive, mining, defence, water and gas industries.
- Comprehensive before and after sales service.
- Supply to engineering and manufacturing industries worldwide.

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