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Industrial Touch Screen Monitor
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Industrial Touch Screen Monitor Suppliers in Brisbane

Updated Apr 09, 2024
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An industrial touchscreen monitor has been rigorously tested and designed for use in harsh environments, such as in factories. They are generally made for rugged use and are made using more durable materials than conventional office monitors. 

Industrial touchscreen monitors can be VESA or panel mounted, and are designed to withstand shock, vibrations, and greater temperature rangers. They are also resistant to dust and water exposure, making them ideal for use in a range of different environments. 

Industrial touchscreen monitors generally feature a brighter display that’s readable in direct sunlight as well, with brightness levels going as high as 1,000nits. They can also be operated while wearing gloves, unlike conventional monitors. 

Made from industrial-grade monitors, these monitors last longer than conventional screens. They can also be integrated into existing systems or larger machines to make operations simpler and to review performance metrics.


SupplierID: 3569
ServiceLevelRanking: 4
PremiumDate: 8/9/2005 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 8
Service Level: 1 - Standard Storefront
SEW-EURODRIVE | Geared Motors & Gear Units

SEW-EURODRIVE is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor supplier to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

SEW-EURODRIVE is a global designer, developer and supplier of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics. Its broad spectrum of integrated solutions includes: geared motors, gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters, servo drive systems and decentralised drive systems. Also, offering ...
SupplierID: 6789
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 9/12/2008 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 6
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Control Logic | Industrial, Electrical and Automation products

Control Logic is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor supplier to Brisbane

Control Logic is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial, electrical and automation products, services and solutions. With over 30 years of experience, and access to over 100,000 products across 17 broad categories, Control Logic remains largely unsurpassed when it comes to choice and variety. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated with offices covering ...
SupplierID: 16232
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 9/20/2010 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 4
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Jacques Future Proof Communications | Business Communication Systems

Jacques Future Proof Communications is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor supplier to Brisbane

Jacques is an innovative design and manufacturing company producing world class integrated communcation systems for a variety of industrial applications including: • Secure facilities, police stations, watch houses, courthouses • Intelligent transport • Residential, including homes and apartments • Commercial and industrial applications • All locations where public safety ...

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SupplierID: 20277
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 9/15/2020 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 21
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Valmont Irrigation Australia | Irrigation Equipment

Valmont Irrigation Australia is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor supplier to Brisbane

Valley Irrigation proudly manufactures center pivot, corner and linear machines for the agriculture industry, and is the world’s leading creator of precision irrigation equipment. Since pioneering center pivot irrigation in 1954, we’ve helped growers in more than 90 countries conserve water while increasing crop quality and yields. Our extensive line of equipment, including ...
SupplierID: 57277
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 10/11/2020 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 19
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Control Connections | Cables and Instrument for Industries

Control Connections is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor supplier to Brisbane

Control Connections has over 40 years’ combined experience manufacturing and supplying cables and controls, windscreen wiper systems and spares as well as instruments to a wide variety of businesses and private clients throughout Australia for the agricultural, earth-moving, heavy lifting, marine, mining, trucking and transport industries. Here at Control Connections, quality ...
Industrial Touch Screen Monitor
Industrial Touch Screen Monitor
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If you are looking to a buy a Industrial Touch Screen Monitor for sale, suppliers on IndustrySearch include SEW-EURODRIVE

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