6 Tips For Buying an ID Card Printer

An ID card printer is an amazing investment for any company, building or professional environment. Implementing a healthy security system is one of the most essential steps you can take towards a better operating, more comfortable professional atmosphere now and far into the future. With the continuous developments in security, access control and technology, there are now many options out there for upgrading how you stay on top of who’s who, and what they do. One of these options includes investing in an identity card printer, which enables the smooth and continuous production of high quality ID cards. Depending on your chosen technology and company security standards, these cards can be used to control access, track time, access floors or simply act as a proof of identity. With each printer option comes a variety of results, here is how to choose the right printer for the results that you are looking to gain in your company…


Tune into your needs as far as how many cards you will be producing each year. Many ID card printers operate on a monthly cycle which will help to give you an average as to periodical or yearly output. This estimation can guide you if you calculate it against average staff turnover, company size, production needs and ad hoc replacements.


You want to be able to rely on your ID card printer, it is providing your environment with safety so reliable functioning is an absolute must. This is where buying a printer that accommodates your production needs comes in very handy, as you will not be forcing your machine to over work beyond its means, it is going to be more reliable in the long term. Gather some research, reach out for professional advice and look at the unique requirements of your business to make the right decision for you.

Cost of Maintenance and Accessories

When you invest in an ID card printer it is important to remember that this is not going to be just a one off payment. You are also going to be making ongoing contributions to your printer’s consumables. These include printer ribbons, plain plastic ID cards, cleaning kits and any other accessories you might need to produce professional grade identity cards. Factor in the cost of these non-negotiable consumables before you go ahead and invest in your printer.

Capacity and Size

Size and subsequently capacity are essential elements to consider when shopping for an ID printer. Printers eat up space, so you need to ensure that you have an allocated area to store your new machine. The size of printer that you both select and can accomodate will usually determine the capacity and capabilities, so this is an important element to consider. Measure your designated area to start your size conversations.


Print speed might not be at the top of your list, but it is an important factor to consider before investing in a printer. Your model might have a lower speed capacity if you have chosen a more compact or entry level printer. Larger higher-tech models will naturally create quality cards faster. If speed is going to be a priority for you and your company needs then this is a big one to take into consideration.

Security Features

If you’re wondering just how to print ID card sizes or whether you have options for different security functions and features, then you’ll need to focus on these capacities when you’re hunting for the right printer for your business. There are many choices when it comes to technology and security functions, with ever evolving technologies in the security world you are best securing yourself a printer that is able to go above and beyond the classic ID photo and name. Additional features include encryption, magnetic stripes, barcodes, holographics, micro text, smart chips and embossing – to name a few! Decipher your security needs and the card features that are going to help you achieve those, and use that information as a base for your printer search.

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