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Car Wash - Daerg One

Supplier: Autowash

The newly released DaergOne combines innovative wash technology with the best in Italian industrial design from Daerg of Italy.

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Daerg One

The newly released Daergone combines innovative wash technology with the best in Italian industrial design from Daerg of Italy. This touch-less washing system provides the ultimate wash for your vehicle without any abrasion.

Made predominately from galvanized and stainless steel, its durable design ensures longevity and minimizes wash downtime.

The functionality of the DaergOne design extends into installation, being easily installable into any wash site, with minimal space needs, fitting comfortably into 6.2 metres x 4.7 metres space.


  • Width: 3.838 mm
  • Height: 2.415 mm
  • Length: 1.890 mm
  • Vehicle Max Dimensions
  • Width: 2.000 mm
  • Height: 2.000 mm
  • Length: 4.700 mm in 6.000 mm washing structure


  • Shape reading and recording through photo-LED barrier, with self-covering system from dirty and mechanical shocks
  • Vectorial reading system patented with roto-actuation of the two arcs
  • Recording of the washing times and length of the cars providing comprehensive usage and efficiency statistics
  • Washing program activation through operator panel
  • Wide range of flexibility in wash programming
  • Electronic actuation and control of washing arcs
  • Rotary and linear actuation through frequency converter
  • Control system "Fault Tolerant" (automatic exclusion of the accessories with uncritical alarms, reducing stopping time of the machine)
  • Self adjusting in case of unusual functionality of the photo-barrier
  • Double emollient chemical system, with shape-reading through horizontal rotation of the arcs (patented system)
  • Shape-recording through photo-barrier, contour recording and shape reading with high pressure arc at constant vectorial speed and constant distance from the vehicle (system patented)

Once a vehicle is positioned in the wash bay, the cycle begins with the shape-reading of the vehicle using fixed photocells (photo-barrier) or contour scanning through movable photocells. The system obtains the shape of the vehicle and stores it.

The machine then calculates through a special algorithm a curve representing the indicative shape of the vehicle. Consequently the unit creates a “chasing” contour following the shape of the vehicle keeping a constant distance of the high pressure jet on the surface of the vehicle.

  • Improvement of side washing and (alloy wheel) through the high pressure/flow-rate system Triwash (tm)
  • The DaergOne unit is equipped with a sophisticated transduction system with only one motor cart, effectively reducing installation times and civil works.

Product Specifications Daergone :

  • Supporting structure made in hot galvanized steel and painted with polyester powders
  • Vertical and Horizontal high-pressure rotating nozzles, internal arcade in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Double chemical emollient (acid and alkaline) distributed separately from each arcade
  • Chemical automating dosing group DOSATRON
  • High pressure group with piston pumps (working pressure 80 bar each pump)
  • Foam/shampoo distribution group with multicolour nozzles and electrical boiler
  • Photocell barrier to read/check vehicle shape and dimensions
  • Double LED traffic light (both side)
  • Anti-collision security system
  • Multi-program configurable through operator interface HMI-PLC.
  • Additional High Pressure Pump 10 Hp
  • TriWash (tm) system for wheels pre-washing and side bottoms parts of the vehicle. The system is equipping double 3 nozzle rotating head and an extra 10Hp high pressure pump.
  • Multi-program activation system with banknotes and coins. Configurable by PLC and with 4 push buttons and emergency brake.
  • Reverse Osmosis group with high performance membrane, flow-rate 400lt/h in binding with the DÆRG One.
  • Floor wheel guide
  • Room sealing Kit with automatic doors
  • Tele-diagnosis system via SMS
  • Multi-program activation system on column
  • Banknote, coins and tokens acceptor
  • 4 Standard washing programs
  • Emergency brake
  • Re-positioning button

Consumption Per Cycle :

  • Installed power (base version): 22 kW
  • Consumption per cycle (car length 4.5 metres.)
  • High pressure water (also recycled) 250 litres
  • Osmosis water 80 litres
  • Alkaline emollient 120 mg
  • Acid emollient 60 mg
  • Wax 20 mg

Typical Cycle :

  • Run 1 : Vehicle contour scanning
  • Run 2 : Alkaline and acid emollients
  • Run 3 : High pressure / TRIWASH
  • Run 4 : High pressure / TRIWASH
  • Run 5 : Wax/osmosis
  • Run 6 : Osmosis water
  • Average : 7 minutes

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