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Casting Alloys | 3xx.x Al-Si+Cu or Mg Alloys

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Casting Alloys, the 3xx.x series of castings are one of the most widely used because of the flexibility provided by the high silicon contents and its contribution to fluidity plus their response to heat treatment which provides a variety of high-strength options.

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Casting Alloys | 3xx.x Al-Si+Cu or Mg Alloys

  • Heat treatable/sand, permanent mold,and die castings
  • Excellent fluidity/high strength/some high-toughness alloys
  • Automotive and applications/pistons/pumps/electricAl
  • Representative alloys:356.0, A356.0,359.0, A360.0
  • Approximate ultimate tensile strength range:19-40 ksi

Further the 3xx.x series may be cast by a variety of techniques ranging from relatively simple sand or die casting to very intricate permanent mold,lost foam/lost wax type castings,and the newer thixocasting and squeeze casting technologies.

Among the workhorse alloys are 319.0 and 356.0/A356.0 for sand and permanent mould casting,360.0, 380.0/A380.0 and 390.0 for die casting, and 357.0/A357.0 for many type of casting including especially the squeeze/forge cast technologies.

Alloy 332.0 is also one of the most frequently used aluminium casting alloys because it can be made almost exclusively from recycled scrap.

Among the applications are:

  • 356.0 inner turbo frame for a Mercedes truck
  • Gearbox casing for a passenger car in alloy pressure die cast 380.0
  • Rear axle housing of 380.0 sand casting
  • Automotive components of 357.0 and A357.0 sand and permanent mould castings
  • 3xxx.x castings made by the lost-foam process, providing exceptional detail and complexity.
  • A356.0 cast wheels are now widely used in the US industry