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Clean TeQ Limited

Clean TeQ Limited | Smart Environmental Solutions

Clean TeQ Limited

Clean TeQ is a global environmental technology company providing solutions in Air Pollution Control, Water & Wastewater Treatment.

Clean TeQ was founded in 1990, to provide air pollution control solutions, primarily using biotechnology–based processes. Clean TeQ has continued to invest funds into research and development to continually improve the performance and cost effectiveness of the product range. Our company philosophy asks our associates to use innovation and knowledge to deliver superior performance and value to our clients.

Clean TeQ now provides a range of air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment technologies. We seek partnerships with other leading technology providers around the world so that our customers are rewarded with superior solutions through their association with us.

Clean TeQ associates have a range of professional qualifications including engineering (chemical, mechanical, environmental) and science (chemistry, biochemistry, biology). We draw on the experiences of staff world wide, through the bringing together of a multidisciplinary and multinational team. Clean TeQ provides unique products and services, not usually found in environmental solutions providers.

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Clean TeQ has its main office and manufacturing complex in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. From this complex, our designs and manufactured goods are delivered to our customers around the world.

Clean TeQ is committed to delivering the best solution for each individual customer. This means that an understanding of the customers needs is a prerequisite of any delivery. Through a thorough understanding of the problem, "real solutions" can be effectively delivered.

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