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Comet Windmills Australia

Comet Windmills Australia | Windmill Water Pumps

Comet Windmills Australia

Mr Sidney Williams (1851-1936), the original founder of Comet Windmills manufactured a diverse range of rural products. He founded the Sidney Williams & Company in 1879 in Rockhampton QLD. From 1910 through to 1925 various Windmill Patterns were introduced

For over 130 years Comet specialised in the design and manufacture of windmill pumping plants for Outback Australia. Mr Williams recognised that wind is the greatest natural source of energy and that it is freely available day and night. He also knew that it had to be reliable with minimal mechanical breakdowns. Mills operating on both the direct-acting and geared principles were designed and made by the Company.

In 2009 an agreement with High Performance Wind-Turbines Pty Ltd (HPW) an Australian based company was formalized. HPW has been working for over 12 years to formulate and create a new High Performance Wind-turbine (Vertical Axis) designed to supersede the current “eyesore” Fan Turbines located throughout Europe and here in Australia.

Comet Windmills Australia has agreed to the supply and erection of towers and other technical engineering and data alliance strategies.

It is the firm belief of the company that renewable energy will be the energy of choice for future generations. Wind power is still cheaper and more efficient than solar power at present and with the wide selection of products available from Comet Windmills you are sure to get a system that suits your needs.

Low cost and low maintenance that lasts a lifetime is surely all the proof you need when choosing your next pumping system. And a company that is up to date with modern renewable energy technology to give you the confidence to choose the right system.

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For over 130 years Comet Windmills have successfully pumped water in the Australian Outback. They are legendary for sensitivity, simplicity and great strength. The Comet Mill is low in maintenance, highly efficient and a long term sustainable investment.

Your initial cost will be your last with a Comet Mill and they require a drop of oil perhaps once a year for maintenance. Being highly cost effective they are comparable in prices to any other water pumping plant on the market today with a higher standard of quality that has come to be expected. You can expect many years without replacing any major spare parts. Now even more safe with the installation of our new safety features.

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