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CS Cavity Sliders

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CS Cavity Sliders

CS Group is Australasia’s premier manufacturer of innovative door solutions. Our doors are often hidden within wall cavities, therefore you may not be aware of all the locations in which they are used.

It could be said that our anonymity is our greatest asset as our doors often go unnoticed. They take up less space than ordinary hinged doors, which can be useful when designing a door to fit into a tight space. Unlike traditional hinged doors, when CS Cavity Sliders are fully open they take up no space at all.

We have a huge range of CS Cavity Sliders solutions and related products to choose from, CS caters for the residential, architectural, commercial and health care markets. You may recognise some of the specialised products we make - including frameless glass units, multiple overtaking units, disabled access and healthcare systems, self closing options, acoustically rated units - just to name a few.

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