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Dana-Ridge | Wet Blast Equipment & Dry Blast equipment spares


Dana-Ridge is a Brisbane based business specialising in The Wet Blast Process

Wet abrasive blasting machines are one of the most environmentally safe machines to ever be put on the world market. The wet blast system offers the following advantages over other abrasive blasting equipment;

- Single operation cleaning - grease, oil burnt-on carbon, paint, grime, scale, etc... all removed simultaneously - NO pre-cleaning required,
- Complete elimination of dust,
- No toxic or harmful chemicals - no atmospheric or environmental pollution,
- No component erosion or impregnation - critical dimensions maintained,
- Superior surface finishing,
- Simultaneous rust inhibition (if required),
- Capable of using a wide variety of abrasive media such as glass bead, aluminum oxide, plastic, sodium bicarbonate, crushed glass, garnet, walnut shell and more,
- Capable of processing all types of material,
- Lower media consumption and maintenance costs than conventional dry blasting.

It cleans, deburrs, decontaminates, deflashes, degreases, deoxidises, pre-plate finishes, swarf removing, peening, edge radiusing, mould cleaning, breaker plate cleaning and so on ...

The wet abrasive blast cabinets are production units available in manual, semi-automatic, automatic configurations. Walk-in blast rooms are also available custom-made to suit your business.

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Visit our website to view a video of our Mars model wet blast cabinet in operation.

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