MadgeTech data loggers can be used to monitor and record parameters in alternative energy production and usage studies, energy audits, testing and verification, and in energy production processes.

Solar Power

Data loggers play an important role in the production of many alternative energy sources including solar power. Measuring and auditing energy consumption is another way that data loggers help support and guide the energy industries. MadgeTech’s voltage data loggers are also ideal for use in determining possible locations for solar panels.


Wireless Voltage Data Logger

The RFVolt2000A is a wireless data logger designed to measure and record DC voltage signals. The data logger can connect directly to DC voltage sources, making it ideal for solar energy monitoring and other DC voltage monitoring applications. The RFVolt2000A can also be interfaced with a wide range of voltage output sensors, as well as transmitters and other transducers.

The RFVolt2000A is available in a 2.5 V, 15 V, 30 V or 160 mV measurement range. Use the MadgeTech Cloud Services to access data instantly and securely from anywhere in the world.


Low-Level Voltage Data Logger

The Volt101A is a single channel low level DC voltage data logger that can be used to monitor and record time and date stamped voltage readings.

The Volt101 is available in 2.5V, 15V and 30V ranges. The Volt101A can be interfaced with solar cells to determine voltage output over time. Thin film solar cells are recommended due to their ease of use and portability. By using the Waterbox101A the device is protected from environmental conditions and can be placed in remote locations for long periods of time.



Data logging technology is used to continuously monitor and measure the output of wind turbines as well as identifying sites for future wind
turbine placement


Wind Speed Data Logging System

The Wind101A is a complete system to accurately measure and record wind speed. The Wind101A data logger can measure and record data for up to 500,000 readings. The device can be started and stopped directly from a computer with the user-friendly MadgeTech software. This wind speed recording system comes complete with the Wind101A data logger, weatherproof enclosure, a three-cup anemometer and all the necessary cabling to quickly get up-and-running.



MadgeTech’s pressure and vibration data loggers are ideal for use in hydroelectric power applications


Shock300 Data Logger

The Shock300 is a tri-axial, stand-alone, compact shock data logger with three built-in acceleration ranges. The ranges are implemented on separate low-g and high-g accelerometers for excellent resolution and accuracy. Compact and lightweight, the Shock300 can measure and record up to 4,192,254 readings and is equipped with a rechargeable battery for convenience.


Transient Pressure Data Logger

To monitor pressure events that SCADA systems cannot capture, the PR1000 is the data logger to use. The device can monitor and record transient pressure through software configuration of user defined trigger thresholds and time periods. The logger can be configured to record measurements at rates as fast as 128 Hz or as slow as once every 24 hours. It can screw directly into a ¼ inch NPT female fitting in pipelines to measure the internal pressure. It is ideal for monitoring penstocks for overpressure in the case of wicket gates suddenly closing. The PR1000’s non-volatile memory has a capacity of over 1 million readings.



Data loggers provide a durable, simple and reliable process for monitoring temperature, pressure and flow rate without the maintenance and data loss risk associated with strip chart recorders. MadgeTech data loggers are rugged enough to survive even the harshest weather conditions and feature long battery lives to allow for long term deployment.


Differential Pressure & Temperature Data Logger

The PRTemp1000D is a rugged, submersible data logger that records ambient temperature and differential pressure. The device is designed to record over long periods of time at the user selected reading rate and has a pressure accuracy of ±.25% over the Full Scale Range, making the device extremely accurate. The stainless steel enclosure allows it to withstand harsh environments and the flexible cable is equipped with dual ¼ inch NPT connections for easy installation.

Real-Time Pressure Data Logger

The PR2000 is a pressure data logger equipped with an LCD screen. This rugged, splash-proof (IP65) device has one of the largest memory
capacities of any similar data recorder on the market, logging up to 262,143 readings. The non-volatile memory will retain recorded data, even when battery power is lost. The PR2000 is ideal for applications requiring precise displayed pressure readings, such as the real-time
monitoring of outdoor geothermal pipelines.

Rugged Pressure & Temperature Data Logger

The PR1000 is also a pressure and temperature data logger that accurately records data at user programmable reading rates, over long periods of time. The device can be deployed in the field to record data for weeks or even months based on the user selected reading rate. The rugged stainless steel design allows it to be placed in harsh environments which makes it well suited for steam pressure systems. The PR1000 comes standard with a ¼ inch NPT fitting, which allows it to be connected to almost any pressure adapter.


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