Data Logging Solutions | CHOCOLATE PROCESSORS

MadgeTech offers a range of data logging solutions to chocolate manufacturers to monitor process temperature and humidity with wireless and Cloud based options.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

MadgeTech’s temperature and humidity data loggers are used to monitor chocolate from processing to the shelf. Our data loggers can monitor temperature and humidity for chocolate processing and finished products that require specified parameters. MadgeTech’s data logger options include single or multi-channel, submersible, wireless and even options with built in LCD displays. 

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

The RFRHTemp2000A is a two-way wireless temperature and humidity data logger with a built in LCD. This device is ideal for continuously monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity while producing or storing chocolate, caramel, sugar and other sensitive ingredients. Equipped with external humidity and RTD temperature sensors, the device provides a fast response time for both parameters and transmits real time data wirelessly.

MadgeTech’s 2000A wireless data loggers feature an audible alarm to alert users in close proximity. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the safe range, the audible alarm alerts users to take immediate action. Email and SMS alerts can also be configured. MadgeTech wireless data loggers also compatible with MadgeTech Cloud Services, making real-time data available from any internet enabled device.


Temperature Monitoring

High Temperature Data Logger

The HiTemp140-PT is a rugged, submersible, temperature data logger that can be exposed to 140 °C (284 °F) or up to 250 °C with a thermal shield enclosure. The device features a 24 in flexible stainless steel probe, capable of measuring temperatures up to 350 °C (662 °F).
The probe is durable and can be bent or angled in any direction, making it easy to log temperatures in hard to reach places.

Compact Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

The RHTemp101A data logger monitors both ambient temperature and humidity. This compact device can be placed virtually anywhere to provide an accurate temperature and humidity record of the environment. Use several RHTemp101A’s to capture a thorough mapping of large rooms or facilities or place them directly within display cases or shipping containers alongside the product.


MadgeTech Cloud Services

The MadgeTech Cloud is compatible with all MadgeTech wireless data loggers, providing users with instant access to real-time data from any location. With the MadgeTech Cloud, data loggers can securely transmit data to be viewed on any Internet enabled device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Scalable Solution

The MadgeTech Cloud is designed to support organizations of any size. From a single data logger to a network consisting of hundreds of loggers, the MadgeTech Cloud provides facilities with on-demand data supervision, attainable results, and flexibility like never before. The MadgeTech Cloud gives users the power to have control of all their critical data right in the palm of their hand.

Cloud Capabilities

All wireless MadgeTech data loggers can transmit data to the MadgeTech Cloud to be saved, viewed and controlled. The data is available for viewing from  any Internet enabled device anywhere in the world. Equipped with many features, the MadgeTech Cloud is flexible enough to adapt to any data logging needs.

New Logger Groups

Assembling data loggers is easier than ever thanks to the MadgeTech Cloud’s Logger Groups. Users have the ability to organize data loggers into groups and subgroups, making all data easily accessible from one central location.

Email & Text Message Alerts

The MadgeTech Cloud allows users to configure alarms to alert for no readings, channel thresholds or battery level. When an alarm is triggered, text message or email notifications are instantly sent, giving users the ability to view the data and assess the situation immediately.


MadgeTech 4 Software

Software Features

• Multiple Graph Overlay
• Statistics
• Digital Calibration
• Zoom In / Zoom Out
• Cooling Flags
• Lethality Equations (F0, PU)
• Mean Kinetic Temperature
• Full Time Zone Support
• Data Annotation
• User Friendly File Management
• Min. / Max. / Average Lines
• Timeslice
• Data Table View
• Automatic Report Generation
• Summary View
• Workflows / Automation

MadgeTech 4 Software can communicate with multiple loggers through multiple interface cables. Capable of simultaneous start, stop and download of over 100 devices, this software serves as your virtual command center for large scale facilities and small. Display your data in graphs, with tabbed views and multi-monitor support. Utilize the infinite graphing flexibility by combining channels and datasets as desired. All graphing makes use of accelerated graphics hardware for real-time updating and high performance visuals.

MadgeTech 4 Software is designed with a built-in database for automatic storage of downloaded data. The look and feel is organized much like standard email programs to aid in user friendliness and ease of use. MadgeTech 4 Software also offers extensive alarming options across multiple devices, wireless and non-wireless. Alarm output options include email, onscreen, text message and run-a-program alerts.

MadgeTech 4 Software has a powerful and comprehensive statistics system that allows the user to customize and view statistics as desired. Another feature is customizable engineering units. This enables users to support and program devices with many different unit types as well as the ability to display them as an alternate unit if desired.


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