Data Logging Solutions | CANNABIS CULTIVATION

Monitoring & Maintaining Temperature, Humidity and CO2 level inside the grow-room and soil pH level & water pH levels is critical to optimize the growth potential.

Optimizing Growth Potential

Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Monitoring in Real-Time


Wireless Humidity and Temperature Data Logger 

The Element HT provides real-time environmental temperature and relative humidity data. Recorded data can also be monitored remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone using MadgeTech Cloud Services.

• Use real-time data to maintain proper environmental conditions
• React to and control changes associated with different growth phases
• Prevent mold through continuous RH monitoring
• Alarm notifications for over-humidification and low temperatures
• Precise monitoring near HVAC/dehumidifier locations


Wireless CO2, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

Increased CO2 levels encourage cannabis plants to grow, but too much CO2 is just as toxic to them as it is to humans. The Element CO2 allows growers to track temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels together to get a complete profile of the factors affecting their plants.

• Help maintain CO2 levels of 500 ppm to 900 ppm during Vegetative Cycle
• Prevent CO2 toxicity
• Monitor increased levels from 900 ppm to 1400 ppm during 8 week Flowering Cycle
• Receive alarm notifications for unwanted conditions
• LCD screen provides instant access to current readings


pH Monitoring

Measure and Verify Soil and Water pH


Control the pH of Water and Nutrients

Plants thrive best in an environment with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. The MadgeTech pHTemp2000 takes the guesswork out of pH and temperature management, empowering growers with precise knowledge of their soil composition.

• Monitor soil pH levels
• Monitor water pH levels

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