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Decontamination Unit | 700 Series | Mobile Shower

Supplier: SMH Products

When a mobile towable work-room and decontamination facility is required the 700 Series - Mobile Service Shower Unit is the answer.

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Manufactured from white GRP fibreglass for on site decontamination of plant and equipment the unit can also be used where a large decontamination room is required to clean any contaminated products or equipment, alleviating the risk of further contamination by transporting equipment away from site, saving time and added expense. 
Simply tow onto site, connect electric and water and the Unit is ready to use, alternately use the on-board water tanks and generator.

From cleaning contaminated products, to changing HEPA filters or servicing equipment the 700 Series is the purpose made solution.

Manufactured to suit specific requirements the Standard 700 Series is 6M long x 2.4M wide, consisting of a 3 or 4-Stage Decontamination Shower System and 2 workrooms.

The roller shutter door and the quarantine area or "grey room" is where the “bagged” contaminated equipment is initially stored prior to decontamination.


2 Work Rooms, Grey and Black:

The operative enters the 2nd room, the "Dirty Area" or Black Room where all Decontamination work will take place. Work is completed and the equipment is cleaned, the clean equipment is passed back into the "grey area" and the operative leaves the unit through the 3-Stage Shower System.

4-Stage Shower:

Clean, Shower, Drying, Dirty End Contaminated disposable coveralls are removed and disposed of back through the "Black Room" the operative does not remove his mask here. This room is under negative pressure from a NPU Air Extraction Unit fitted with an absolute filter.

Shower Room:

showering completely (with hot water provided by the built-in LPG gas water heater), when satisfied the operative removes his mask and washes the mask thoroughly.
The operative towel dries here with a disposable towel, returning this back to the dirty area as contaminated.

Drying Room:

the operative towel dries here with a cotton towel before entering the clean end; this room can also be fitted with a mask washbasin to ensure the mask is thoroughly cleaned.

Clean End:

Operatives dress and collect personal belongings before leaving the unit.
Waste Water Filter System:
The unit is fitted with a powered filter system to remove contaminated shower water and allow the filtered waste water to be disposed down a foul drain. The waste water filters need to be replaced regularly depending on the amount of contamination within the shower water. Normally they would last a week but may have to be replaced daily. Do not use bars of soap as this blocks the filters, use the shower gel provided. When the contract is finished the contaminated filters should be removed and disposed of as contaminated waste.

Black Room – Dirty Area:

This has a large window both for natural light and to work with an assistant as required, electric heating, lighting and water is also provided. A NPU 400 Clean Air Extractor removes all contaminated airborne materials and collects these on the HEPA Absolute filter.

Grey Room – Quarantine Area:

This has a large window and electric light.

Contaminated products or equipment, which has been sealed in polythene sheet or bags or even shrink-wrapped, is stored here prior to decontamination.
The 700 Series conforms with all current regulations and has Heating, Lighting, Drain Points, Personal Lockers, Coat Hooks, Mirrors to adjust Face Masks, Self Closing Doors, Warning Signs, GRP Fibreglass rounded construction, Stainless, Aluminium or plastic fitting so no rusting. Even self-contained with its own generator and water tanks. The Unit is lightweight, built on a galvanised chassis and very easy to tow.

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