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DIGILIN Australia

DIGILIN Australia | Fibre Optic Lighting & Electronic Design

DIGILIN Australia

Digilin Australia was established in 1980 as an industrial electronic engineering company. By 1985 Digilin had expanded into fibre optic lighting and quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the newly developing industry. In 2002, technological breakthroughs lifted the performance of high power LEDs to new heights and made successful LED electronic lighting viable for the first time. Digilin's extensive experience in fibre optic lighting and electronic design and manufacturing ideally placed the company in a position to embrace this new and rapidly expanding technology.

Digilin now pools this experience in electronic design, photometrics and mechanical design to bring to market innovative LED and Fibre Optic Lighting solutions. These solutions provide all the benefits inherent of LED and Fibre Optics, as well as Digilin's own product guarantees for its LED and Fibre Optic Lighting.

Projects using Digilin's products can be found both throughout Australia and internationally, and includes installations for Councils/Governments, artists, architects/consulting engineers/lighting designers for both business and domestic installations.

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All of Digilin's products are designed and built locally, so you can get full benefit and support of our experience and knowledge in

•Photometrics (making the best use of light available)
•Electronic control and circuit design and engineering
•Mechanical design and engineering

This expertise is also what allows us to maintain our position at the forefront of this rapidly evolving technology.

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