DIY acoustic panel installation

Installing your acoustic paneling is easy and can be performed as a DIY project, this short guide will walk you through the materials you need and the installation process.

Soundproofing panels or acoustic foam tiles are highly effective in keeping rooms quiet. Perfect for classrooms, churches, offices restaurants, cafes, call centers or any commercial or residential room.

We recommend placement on the ceiling in order to minimise the risk of damage to the panels and the aesthetic impact on the room. Placing tiles near the corners of a room is most effective for reducing reverberation and echo.

Materials Needed

Suitable acoustic panels or acoustic foam tiles etc.

We recommend Sellys Liquid Nails "Fast" as adhesive (pictured below). It is available from Bunnings and other hardware stores, and requires a caulking gun to use. Ensure you use the "Fast" grade, as the standard grade will not provide immediate adhesion to the wall or ceiling. Each cartridge should provide enough glue for 10-12 panels.

We recommend using soft cotton gloves when handling panels to minimise the risk of marking the finish, these are also available at hardware stores.

Finally, for larger jobs, you may consider purchasing or renting a laser level or tiling laser to provide a constant and perfectly straight line to work off. We recommend the Bosch PCL20 Laser guide, available at Bunnings for under $150.

Acoustic Panel Installation is an easy 3-step process:

1. Plan and mark out with a pencil where you will install your panels, create guide lines with tape, string or pencil as necessary (or use the laser if applicable).

2. Glue and install one panel at a time. Apply glue to the panel in 8 places evenly spaced around the perimeter of the tile and a 9th application in the centre as shown below.

3. Press glued panel to surface as desired, it will hold immediately. The glue will be malleable enough to finely-adjust the alignment of the tile for about 5 minutes before it starts to dry.

If you require acoustic panels we can supply you with acoustic foam panels within 24 hours in any capital city.