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Melfoam Acoustics | Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Panels

Melfoam Acoustics

Melfoam Acoustics is a company that specialises in three things:

1. Using sound absorption acoustic foam panels to make noisy rooms quieter.
Removing echoes and sound distortions from a room.

2. Enhancing critical listening environments, such as home theatres and recording studios, by controlling the acoustic environment whilst retaining a natural sense of space.

3. Supplying acoustic foam panels within 24 hours.

The reason we started Melfoam Acoustics was to fill a gap in the acoustic market for a high quality, cost effective acoustic solution that could be supplied to customers as a stock product and have the foam panels installed within 24 hours if necessary.

In addition to having acoustic panels boxed and ready to ship quickly, it is also possible to colour match the sound absorbing panels to a customer’s specific requirement and ship within 5 to 8 working days.

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