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DKSH Australia

DKSH Australia supports companies who wish to expand their business in existing markets and launch into new ones.

With Market Expansion Services along the entire value chain – from sourcing, marketing and sales, custom manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and logistics to quality insurance, after-sales services, and project management – our team at DKSH Australia offers attractive business solutions in the following fields:

• Luxury & Lifestyle
• Performance Materials
• Technology

DKSH Australia is a leading supplier of industrial services and technologies. Our broad range of products includes cables and connectors for power, control, instrumentation, telecommunications and data applications, electrical enclosures in both metal and plastic, variable speed drives, low voltage control and monitoring products and electrical cable handling, protection, mounting and installation systems.

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DKSH Australia was founded in the early 1940s, principally acting in the form of a brand agent in the supply of machinery and equipment at first.

The business model significantly changed in the early 1990s, when DKSH Australia became a comprehensive services provider focusing predominantly on electro technical products, production machinery, and converting equipment for industry.

In 2008, DKSH embarked on a global branding initiative with the aim of establishing DKSH as a strong global services brand for the entire group. In this process we have repositioned the company; we have given our business model a catchy and readily understood name and created a distinctive new business category, “Market Expansion Services”. This expression gets to the point what we do best: helping other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets.

A brand is more than just a logo: It signifies content and values. The DKSH brand is a promise, to our clients and customers and to ourselves, pledging initiative every day anew, and will help us to achieve our goals. In driving our clients’ and customers’ businesses, our brand and leadership in our business category promise unparalleled expertise and capabilities on the performance level, and that we keep this promise with passion.

Our whole organisation lives and breathes our clients’ and customers’ businesses and is enthusiastic to maximize their success.

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