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Downey Engineering

Downey Engineering | Control Systems Engineering, Automation

Downey Engineering

Downey Engineering applies specialised knowledge to a diverse industry group. The products and services we provide to these industries are outlined below. We aim to add value to our automation products by closely integrating the hardware and software aspects of design and we can offer a "best fit" solution because of our integrator status with leading automation vendors.

Downey Engineering works with a range of clients from Entrepreneurial machine builders to major corporate entities. Each have their own special requirements and our goal is to cater to each and every one in the best way we can. Electrical Design is a key component of our project delivery. It is the knowledge and understanding of what electrical equipment and instrumentation are required to efficiently control and drive an industrial process.

It is the element that links the real world equipment with the software that controls it. It is perhaps, one of our major strengths as a "Systems Integrator" to be able to combine quality hardware design with quality software. A necessary component of this service is the knowledge of and adherence to relevant standards so as to deliver a safe and reliable system.

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We believe in the intelligent use of technology through applied creativity and professional engineering, together with a strong dedication to quality. It is our philosophy to leave our clients with a technically robust, fully documented, easy to maintain system.

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