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Drum Trolley | Multi-purpose

Supplier: King Materials Handling

Trolley and decanting system is one for 200 litre steel drums.

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King produced the King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley in response to a client's need for a trolley that would be:

  • easy to load
  • easy to move around safely
  • able to be used as a drum stand for decanting purposes
  • able to rotate the drum in the horizontal position
  • able to place or remove drums from pallets
  • be rust and weather protected

Ease of loading comes from the unique double torsion sprung front axle, which when the top rim lugs are placed over the drum rim, and the handles are pulled back, the two base lugs slip under the drum, and the drum is able to be pulled backwards, whilst the axle moves backward at the same time.

On conventional drum trolleys, the drum has to be rolled over the front wheel, which is why it is so difficult to do. The King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley solves the loading problem.

The operator can pull the drum back to the next set of wheels, where the drum is balanced between the two sets of wheels, thereby removing the strain from the operator when moving the drum around.

To turn the trolley into a Drum Stand, simply push the handles down further. The front axle will then move past the vertical (due to the torsion spring), and the drum will be in the horizontal position for decanting purposes.

The trolley has in-built smaller wheels to allow the drum to be rotated, which is very handy if there is a leak from the bung, or you need to fit a new tap, or the bung is in the wrong position.

Once the operator is practiced, drums can be placed or removed from pallets. When the drum is on the Multi Purpose Drum Trolley in the four wheel angled position, the lower edge of the drum is at 160mm high; just enough to skim over the pallet.

By moving the handles up, the drum is deposited on to the pallet. By releasing the drum clips and pushing forward on the handles, the trolley is ejected from the drum.

The Multi Purpose Drum Trolley is zinc plated throughout. This offers the best weather protection and protection from scapes and scratches leading to rusting.

The King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley is the "Rolls Royce" of Drum Trolleys. It is sold throughout the world from King or your local materials handling specialist.