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Duratray offers the best solution for haul trucks to eliminate carry-back and freeze-up, improve wear resistance in highly abrasive mining conditions. It is the only provider in the market of the unique Suspended Dump Body (SDB) offering the durability to outlast and out-perform conventional steel bodies.

Duratray is also a well-known specialist in the design, engineering and commercialization of spare parts, steel and rubber components for mining haulage equipment. In addition, the company provides services such as technical assistance, maintenance and parts replacement.

When using Duratray dump bodies increases in production can be achieved via reduction in maintenance hours combined with increases in Payload. Moreover wear and maintenance costs compared to steel bodies are notably less, particularly for high abrasion conditions. Fuel consumption is also improved and some cases have demonstrated a 10% in fuel savings.

Duratray products and services are exported from several workshops located worldwide to more than 30 countries across the 5 continents. Some of the mines operating the SDBs globally are located in Australia, Canada, USA, New Caledonia, Chile, UK and recently Kyrgyzstan.

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In recent years Duratray bodies have been fitted to a growing range of mining trucks for different applications including rigid trucks from 30 to 360 tonnes capacity from manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Perlini, Haulmax and Mercedez Benz. More recently 6x6 articulated trucks have also been fitted with Suspended Dump Bodies.

Great success has been achieved with the Suspended Dump Body to reduce environmental noise in mines across Australia. Case studies and trial results have shown a 8-10 decibels reduction in first-pass loading noise, lower impact forces, higher payloads and lower maintenance workloads.

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