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Dynapumps provides pumps and complete pumpsets to mining, chemical, building and fire services, general industry, hospitals and public utilities for all kinds of pumps such as centrifugal, positive displacements and vacuum pumps. Dynapumps also provides full fabrication, assembly and service of pumps and pump systems.

Dynapumps is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2008. We continually implement changes to our systems and procedures to improve the products and services our engineering, sales, manufacturing and service departments offer. We include comprehensive drawings, documentation, service manuals and spare parts service in our packages.

We have invested in SolidWorks3D™ and have found it provides our clients with a distinct advantage. First generation, 2-dimensional CAD (computer-aided-design) programs restrict the user to certain views of their design, resulting in zero depth perception and making it difficult to check clearances. The result of these limitations meant there were occasions when bolts and supports for equipment and pipe work did not have sufficient clearances for easy assembly or dismantling. The 3-Dimensional viewing mechanisms and ability to easily manipulate our designs in SolidWorks™ have eliminated these issues.

Dynapumps operate compliant OHS and Environment Policies to ensure the safety of our people, our clients’ people, the community and the environment at large. We have branches in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane which allow us to service the whole country as well as some international clients. All our offices can supply the complete range of the Dynapumps products.

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