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EarthMach is an independent used equipment dealer in Australia that specializes in the acquisition and sale of used construction and mining equipment. Our main objective is to supply quality used equipment and associated services to local, national and international mining and contracting companies by utilizing the expertise and connections of the owners in sourcing superior used equipment from international and local sources.

EarthMach has experience in all facets of mining and construction equipment procurement and over the past decade have worked extensively in New Caledonia, Indonesia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East and The United States.

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EarthMach is managed by Chris Reeves, a qualified civil engineer and former General Manager for NS Komatsu in Australia. Chris has an extensive knowledge of the international mining and construction industry, having worked as the international marketing manager for Komatsu in Asia for eight years during the rapid expansion of the mining and construction industries in Asia in the 1990's.

Since EarthMach’s founding it has developed a reputation for professional service, advice and support. This service covers all facets of equipment procurement to make the purchasing of equipment from anywhere in the world as easy as possible. Some of the major projects undertaken by EarthMach include the following:

Purchase and sale of a large fleet of equipment from a World Bank dam project in the Philippines to a gold mine in Uzbekistan. This involved the overland transportation through Iran of a large fleet of heavy equipment trucks and trailers.

Acquisition of a fleet of twenty 200 ton trucks from a mine in South Africa and the subsequent sale of these trucks into another mine in Africa
Contracted to source and procure an extensive range of new and used construction and mining equipment from all over the world for the Goro Nickel Project in New Caledonia.

Purchase of large excavators from Norway and the subsequent sale and delivery into Canada. The combined experience of all involved in EarthMach brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry.

Clients can be comfortable in the knowledge that they are dealing with a family owned and operated company that has built a reputation for the provision of quality and reputable service in a demanding industry.

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