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Elton Group | Wood Veneer Sheets and Acoustic Panels

Elton Group

Founded over 70 years ago, Elton Group began life as an exporting and manufacturing business. More recently its focus has shifted to supplying environmentally accredited products to the Interior Architectural market.

For the past 15 years its main trade has been in surfaces and finishes, focusing on three products. Eveneer – reconstructed timber veneer, Lumisty – view control window film and Echolinear – acoustic wall and ceiling panelling. Innovative and user friendly these products are designed to suit modern environments and building methods, with an emphasis on flexible, demountable and sustainable materials.

Most veneers are sliced, which wastes a lot of timber. Eveneer, on the other hand, is made out of plantation species and FSC certified timber and rotary peeled in 0.6mm thin sheets using every bit of timber down to the core of the log. Not only is there minimal waste, but the large rectangular sheets of veneer produced are easy to use, suit modern furniture and unlike most veneers don’t require a lot of jointing.

Elton Group’s Lumisty is an incredible window surface film that allows for selective obscurement. Depending on what angle you are viewing it from, Lumisty window film goes from transparent to frosted and vice versa.

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