Engraving acrylics & cut-outs

Supplier: Unist Australia By: John Barker & Corry Bourne
02 March, 2010

By applying Unist Coolube 2210 (a new generation vegetable oil) in minute amounts, we get a smooth finish like never before.

Unist has been able to achieve excellent results by applying Coolube 2210 to the engraving process on acrylic materials. By applying minute amounts of Coolube 2210 vegetable oil to the cutting tool, we achieve a smooth matt finish without any burring. The cut is clean and leaves a smooth finish perfect for paint fill while at the same time Coolube 2210 is an environmentally friendly lubricant which washes up with soap and water.

Coolube works by reducing the friction therefore reducing the heat build up at the cutting edge, less drag, no clogging and less wear on the tool, and because we apply the oil un-diluted, cutting edges stay sharper considerably longer. Deeper cuts and faster speeds are also achievable without compromising any quality.

The flaming process also becomes easier, due to the smooth finish and as a consequence less heat is required to get that desired look.

The same Coolube Junior is used for this process as would be used  for engraving stainless steel and as with the stainless steel process it is the Coolube Junior that blows the acrylic chips away from the cutting area so as not to be re-cutting acrylic chips.

A clean environment is a high priority for todays smart engravers. Static electricity can be a problem with acrylic chips, making them difficult to clean up. Coolube 2210 eliminates this static whilst at the same time leaving the chips dry enough to be sucked away or swept up without difficulty.

Coolube 2210 is a super high grade (new generation) vegetable oil, and is an environmentally friendly product, it is safe when in contact with skin and will not cause any skin irritation or dermatitis. Further more there is no risk of any reaction with the petrochemical compounds of the acrylic materials.

WARNING: If adhesive is needed on the acrylic after cut outs or engraving, then wash the parts in warm soapy water to remove any trace of the Coolube.

Mirical engraving of acrylic materials.