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Ento (Sales Equipment)

Ento (Sales Equipment) | Hand Trucks & Trolleys

Ento (Sales Equipment)

Ento (Sales Equipment) is a specialist Australian manufacturer of a range of materials handling equipment including hand trucks, shelf trolleys and hospitality trolleys.

Ento can also design and manufacture prototypes and special equipment to your requirements.

Over the years, Ento have tried to keep the business small enough to remain in touch with customers and their needs, yet large enough to be able to offer good service at a reasonable price. With the nature of the business these days, Ento felt that the combination with BK Group will ensure that they can continue to do this now and well into the future.

Some examples of their standard products are shown in this storefront, however if there is anything else you require or you need further advice on any of the equipment shown here, please ring, call in, email, and Ento will do what they can to help.

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Give us a ring ( 03 ) 9380 4944or email us [email protected], I am sure we will supply you with the correct trolley for your needs.

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