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Supplier: Eastern Elevators

Eastern escalators with clean, elegant lines and reliable operations are an ideal transport mechanism for a range of modern building types including shopping centres, commercial offices, hotels and clubs.

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Eastern escalators are equipped with a host of standard and optional safety devices.

Standard safety devices

  • Default phase protection – automatic stopping in case of phase failure
  • Overload protection – automatic stopping when load is >15% above rating
  • Circuit protection – circuit breakers protect electrical parts
  • Handrail entry protection – automatic stopping when foreign objects in handrail entry
  • Comb plate protection – automatic stopping when foreign objects in comb floor plate
  • Step collapse protection – automatic stopping before the comb plate
  • Drive chain fracture protection – automatic stopping when drive chain broken or overstretched
  • Step chain fracture protection – automatic stopping when step chain broken or overstretched
  • Over speed control
  • Non-reversal device – automatic stopping when reverse motion detected
  • Fire line – synthetic resin lines on front and side edges prevent passengers from being gripped between step edges and skirting panels
  • Emergency stop button
  • Skirting protection – automatic stopping when foreign objects detected between step edge and skirting
  • Brake protection – mechanical braking option for power failure
  • Maintenance switch – prevent escalator running during maintenance
  • Step lighting
  • Start alarm
  • Handrail contact control – automatic stopping when handrail broken
  • Handrail speed monitoring device – automatic stopping if handrail runs slower than steps

Optional safety devices

  • Skirting defector device – skirting brush to prevent passengers' shoes touching skirting
  • Fire rating door – automatic stopping when fire rating door activated
  • Draining system – automatic drainage when water detected in lower machine room
  • Emergency brake – step-slide prevented when drive chain broken or stop switch malfunction
  • Handrail lighting – optional lighting at bottom of handrail
  • Comb plate lighting – optional lighting at sides of comb plate
  • Skirting lighting – optional lighting along skirting sides
  • Auto-start control – automatic stopping, for power saving, when escalator empty of passengers

Advantages in brief

  • Eastern escalators use advanced microcomputer control systems and self-diagnostic devices to monitor the escalators' performance.
  • A range of energy-saving options to suit your individual requirements including VVVF auto-start and intermittent operations.
  • Auto lubrication to extend the life of the escalator and maintain smooth riding
  • Unique wedge-shaped entrance.
  • Wide range of standard and optional safety devices to ensure passenger safety.
  • Fully compliant with safety and electrical standards.

For specifications and layout drawings, please contact Eastern Elevators Australia.