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At over 1000 sites worldwide, local authorities, event venues, transit authorities, businesses and tourist attractions rely on the technology, convenience and innovation of Exeloo automated toilet installations.

Exeloo's commitment to research and development has created a range of public toilet solutions that are not only popular with users for their cleanliness and convenience, but are also valued by purchasing clients for their ease of maintenance, cost-effectiveness and code compliance.

Exeloo can help with all your public toilet needs, including:

• Automated public toilets: Our state-of-the-art self -cleaning automated toilet solutions are in use around the world, providing substantial savings in cleaning and maintenance costs along with a safer and cleaner environment for users
• Manual public toilets: Exeloo also offers manual public toilets without the automated cleaning features at a reduced cost
• Eco composting toilets: For remote locations where there is no sewerage, or where water conservation is important, our odour-free eco composting toilet solutions can be an excellent alternative
• Specialised components: Exeloo has pioneered automated public toilet features such as touch free capacitive sensor switches, electronic toilet paper dispensers and retractable seat wash units. These features solve many difficult compliance challenges and are designed for reliability and durability.

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Exeloo public toilet installations are trusted as clean, convenient and durable toilet solutions.

You can find Exeloo units in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, not only can we provide full, code-compliant installations in all the countries we operate, but we can help you with regional distributors to help with all your on-going needs, service and questions.

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