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Exide Technologies | Maintenance free batteries

Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies employs 21,000 people across 89 countries, operating 17 automotive manufacturing plants, 11 industrial manufacturing plants and 12 recycling facilities.

Respected brands such as Exide, Champion, Exide Select Orbital, Marshall, Vortex, Sonnenschien, Marathon, Stowaway - to name but a few - are truly market leaders.

Exide Technologies is a global leader in providing stored electrical energy solutions. It is the world’s foremost supplier of lead-acid batteries for network power, motive power and automotive applications with an increasing presence in emerging battery technologies.

Our significant product innovations and recognised brands have led us to growing markets around the world. Exide Technologies operates in 89 countries, with 17 Automotive manufacturing plants, 11 Industrial manufacturing plants and 12 Recycling facilities.

We also make a serious commitment to our staff in the form of career path planning and on-going company-wide improvement training. We recognise that staff at all levels have an important role to play in the development and positive progression of our business. Exide Technologies is an accredited ISO 9002 supplier (December 1992).

To our future, our aim and objectives are to further develop an already high level of service and customer satisfaction.

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