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Flame Detectors | X-Series DET-TRONICS | IECEx Approved

Supplier: HMA Group

DET-TRONICS X-series Flame Detectors is the most advanced fire detectors on the market. It is IECEx certified for global certification compliance.

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The following are X-series DET-TRONICS Flame Detectors Models

  • X3301 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector
  • X9800 IR Flame Detector
  • X5200 UVIR Flame Detector
  • X2200 UV Flame Detector

There are two main concerns with traditional flame detectors:

  1. Will the detector be "tricked" by false alarms which can spuriously trip fire protection systems and shut down plant?
  2. Will the detector actually detect a fire when needed?

There are 2 main processes that make up a flame detector. The 1st is the IR or UV detection which is pretty well established and there is little variation between manufacturers. The second process is the detector algorithm that determines what is a fire and what is a false alarm. This algorithm is the big difference between different manufacturer’s detectors.

We recently witnessed testing at the Det-tronics factory where a range of Det-tronics and competitive detectors were tested. They were tested:

  • With different fuelled fires (some fires were dark & smokey, some invisible to the naked eye).
  • Over different distances from the fire from 10m to 60m.
  • At different axis of view to the centreline.
  • While exposed to various false alarm sources (modulating IR, UV arc)

The concerning thing was that many detectors had a sweet spot. Some detectors would not detect fires from certain fuels while others would only detect consistently at a certain distance and a certain view axis (angle to centreline). What happens if your fire is out of this sweet spot?

The X3301 was consistently the fastest detector to respond and the hardest to trick into false alarm.

X3301 Features:

  • Greater sensitivity to all hydrocarbon fuelled fires.
  • Largest field of view range on market.
  • Optical integrity self checking.
  • Heated optics to avoid build up of condensation and help to keep the optics clean.
  • Highest level of false alarm rejection on the market.
  • Rugged design.
  • DNV EMI/RFI certification which is the hardest level of EMI/RFI certification to obtain.
  • Detronics carry out a 100% QA check where all flame detectors are tested on multiple real fires. No other flame detector manufacturer dos this.
  • 5 year warranty.

X3301 Benefits:

  • Less hardware to cover same area which leads to a lower installed cost and lower ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Increased plant availability due to false alarm rejection.
  • Reduced maintenance due to heated optics and ease of calibration with Optical
  • Integrity (oi) checks. This checks cleanliness of optical windows and confirms the detectors ability to detect a fire.
  • Maximum fire protection for all hydrocarbon fires.
  • 3rd party certified IEC SIL detectors available for enhanced reliability and to reduce insurance costs.

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