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Fleet Management Software

Supplier: Figtree Systems Pty Ltd

Fleet & Asset Management software is used widely by all levels of government departments, corporations, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organisations for the proficient administration of vehicles and items of plant.

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We focus on facilitating the financial results of organisations and the efficiency of the work processes involved in managing fleet and equipment. This is achieved through frequent consultation with the fleet industry and thousands of committed users throughout Australia.

Figtree<fleet> business purpose is to provide clients with a facility that improves fleet operational efficiency and contain costs by delivering a fleet management application that is compliant with FBT legislation, standards, and codes of practice by performing three key tasks:

  • It automatically uploads an unlimited type and number of transactions easily
  • It reports any combination of fields within the database offering a number of standard reports
  • It posts financials to the General Ledger by cost centre

Reasons to implement Figtree<fleet>:

  • Uniform vehicle record keeping
  • Effective management and control of the cost of all vehicles and items of plant from acquisition through to disposal.
  • Quick installation of "off the shelf" software modules.
  • Highly configurable built-in software features for evolving business requirements.
  • Reduced administration expenses through greater control and visibility of all aspects of the administration life cycle.
  • Flexibility to configure systems to work with your individual business unit or across the organisation.
  • Proven track record of stable installations.
  • Web front-end for ease of navigation.
  • Contractually binding FBT compliance.
  • Ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances through on-going consultation with our users throughout Australia and the fleet industry itself.

Key Components:

As well as having access to the Housekeeping module, where all common Figtree standard features reside, a display of standard menu options are also incorporated within the Figtree Fleet Management module:

  • Fast Transaction Input
  • Adjust Monthly Odometer
  • Fuel Card Disk Load
  • Purchase Order
  • Vehicle Enquiry
  • Service Type Enquiry
  • Job Card System
  • Vehicle Booking System
  • Fleet Management Configuration
  • Vehicle Expense Optimisation
  • Meter Replacement Recording
  • Driver Allocation Record Maintenance

A selection of report generation options are also available within the application such as:

  • Service Schedule Report
  • Expense Summary Report
  • Fleet Disposal Report
  • Vehicle Control Card Report
  • Fringe Benefit Tax Report
  • Odometer Projection Report
  • Fuel Utilisation Report
  • Multiple Fuel Fills Report
  • Vehicle Cost Comparison Report
  • FBT Driver Allocation Report, etc.

Figtree’s Fleet Management system, Figtree<fleet> records full details of each vehicle including:

  • Vehicle number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Transmission type
  • Engine number
  • Insurance details
  • Purchase details
  • Service interval in months and odometer units
  • FBT type
  • Leasing details and the regular driver

Figtree<fleet>boasts a powerful built-in graphics facility, enabling the design of reports to graphically represent and highlight anomalies in operational data. The facility is designed to allow non-technical business users to easily and quickly produce reports from the data they are allowed to access.

Report templates can be stored and run again later, as well as batched and run as part of a group of reports. Report outputs are kept in a “spool” queue, from where they can be re-printed and viewed if required. Figtree user defined "Ad-hoc" reports can be specified to work with named time periods (last week, month, year etc.) as well as any user defined time period. Reports can also be exported to Excel or in the formats of ASCII, XML, HTML, PDF or HTML. An integrated chart designer allows Users to manipulate the image’s colours, scaling, perspective e.g. rotation etc.

Other use-friendly features within the system include:

  • Context-sensitive ‘help screens’
  • Letter Writer with data merge facility
  • Calculator & Calendar
  • ASCII file integration with other systems
  • A sophisticated diary facility for entry and recall of servicing maintenance scheduling

What sets us apart from the others:

  • A real-time pool vehicle system - that facilitates the user (employees/contractors) to hire, request and book vehicles and the administrator to allocate, bill and report to the appropriate cost centre/user as well as reporting on pool vehicle activity. This module ensures the optimal use of resources by complementing fleet operations that wish to meet the maximum number of hire requests with the most appropriate and cost effective vehicle, while minimising the total number of vehicles in the pool.
  • Minimising vehicle "downtime" by the use of Figtree's workshop module, which enables your fleet with a highly functional job card system. This is ideal for organisations that operate internal garages for fleet repair and maintenance operations. System users can use this module for costing purposes or as a full work processing and charging system.
  • More than a data repository - Figtree's set of reporting and analytical tools includes a ‘point and click' interface that allows novice users to generate the required report in seconds, or if they are standard reports with the only variable being date parameters, the system can automatically schedule their generation. Virtually any information in the fleet management software can be selected, linked to selected information, filtered, sorted and grouped. The output can then be printed as a presentation quality document or a graph. Alternatively, the data can be sent to other applications (e.g. Windows) such as spreadsheets for further manipulation.