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Fletcher Insulation

Fletcher Insulation is Australia’s leading insulation company supplying brands of insulation such as, Pink Batts insulation, Sisalation foil and Permastop building blanket - to name but a few.

Fletcher Insulation are able to provide customers a range of insulation products including:

• Residential thermal insulation
• Acoustic insulation
• Building blankets
• Roofing accessories
• Reflective foil insulation
• Reflective foil laminates
• Commercial acoustic insulation
• HVAC acoustic and industrial
• Armaflex pipe insulation
• Foil tapes
• Cloth tapes
• Insul clips
• Ceiling tiles

Although Fletcher Insulation is a relatively new company; we have a strong pedigree dating back over half a century.

Fletcher Insulation is Australia’s first insulation company to be GECA certified for its glasswool batts and unfaced blanket range of products. This independent accreditation system recognises the development and manufacturing of products that have proven environmental performance and is recognised worldwide through its affiliations.

Global-Mark ISO 9001 certification confirms our Quality Management Systems and instills confidence that Fletcher Insulation is a proven, compliant company that adheres to the standards designed to provide a framework that will assist in identifying hazards/issues/processes, quantify the risks and put in place control methods to eliminate, reduce or control these risks.

Fletcher Insulation employs over 300 team members from all over Australia. They are the core of our business and Fletcher Insulation strives to be an employer of choice attracting the top people in their fields to contribute to our company’s success.

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Our history stretches back to the 1930’s when the Australian Sisalkraft Company started manufacturing products used in packaging and as a wallwrap and building membrane. After WW2 they developed the concept of adding foil to Sisalkraft kraft paper to provide insulation benefits and this is how Sisalation foil was born.

Then in the 1950’s, CI were the first company in Australia to make glasswool insulation from a plant in Botany, before the world class Dandenong site was developed in the 60’s. This led to the development of batt insulation at a time when most competitors were still supplying granulated rockwool. ACI Insulation became a household name in the 70’s when they led the promotion of home insulation with the famous Pink® Panther advertising campaigns.

Insulco began more recently in 1979 and quickly grew to become a major force in the insulation market. Sales of both FatBatts insulation and Vapa-Chek building blanket steadily increased Insulco’s market share through the 80’s and 90’s. Insulco’s commitment to customer service and flexibility in manufacturing were the key to its success.

Fletcher Building acquired the Insulco business in 2003 and then Insulation Solutions (previously ACI Insulation) in 2005. These two businesses were then joined to create Fletcher Insulation™ – taking the best features that each company offered to create a new standard in insulation in Australia.

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