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Forklift Slippers | Extension for Fork Tines

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Designed for ease of operation with a slim profile to extend the versatility of your lift truck. These slippers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS 2359.15.

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Forklift Slippers Features Include:

  • Forklift Slippers supplied with locking pins and are fitted with load rating and compliance plates
  • Made of high tensile steel
  • High safe working load (SWL) rating
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Forklift slippers made in accordance with Australian standard AS2359.15

Slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167 per cent of the supporting tine's length. If the slippers are longer than 167 per cent, then the usage of those slippers shall be restricted to their specified application.

Forklift Slippers Forklift Slippers
Models Available
Model        Length       Max Tine Size   Weight   Rated @ 600mm LC

FE1-16     1600mm   100x45mm      50        3000
FE1-18     1800mm   100x45mm      56        3000
FE1-21     2100mm   100x45mm      66        3000
FE1-24     2400mm   100x45mm      75        3000

FE2-16     1600mm   130x50mm      59        4500
FE2-18     1800mm   130x50mm       66        4500
FE2-21     2100mm   130x50mm      77        4500
FE2-24     2400mm   130x50mm      88        4500

FE3-16     1600mm   150x55mm      91        6500
FE3-18     1800mm   150x55mm      102       6500
FE3-21     2100mm   150x55mm      119       6500
FE3-24     2400mm   150x55mm      136       6500
FE3-30     3000mm   150x55mm      170       6500

FE4-18     1800mm   155x65mm      133        8500
FE4-21     2100mm   155x65mm      155         8500
FE4-24     2400mm   155x65mm      177         8500
FE4-30     3000mm   155x65mm      221         8500

FE5-18     1800mm   Custom           170         8000
FE5-21     2100mm   Custom           200         8000
FE5-24     2400mm   Custom           220         8000
FE5-30     3000mm   Custom            280         8000

FE6-21     2100mm   Custom            380        12000
FE6-24     2400mm   Custom            430       12000
FE6-30     3000mm   Custom            540        12000
FE6-35     3000mm   Custom            630        12000

FE7-24     2400mm   Custom            520        16000
FE7-30     3000mm   Custom           650        16000
FE7-35     3000mm   Custom           760        16000

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Also Available:

Fork Arms and Carriage Bars

  • FA fork arms or forklift tines have been designed in accordance with AS2359.1
  • Random testing has been carried out in accordance with AS2359.1 Clause 6.5
  • Fork Arms are supplied in a range of capacities and lengths.
  • Always ensure that the rating of the fork arm is equal to or exceeds the rated lift capacity of the fork truck.
  • The fitting of fork arms with a lower rating than the forklift truck could lead to failure, resulting in injury or death.
  • When ordering fork arms ensure correct parts are ordered (refer table below).
  • Eg Type FA25-107 = Fork Arm 2.5 tonne SWL/ pair at 600mm load centre x 1070mm blade length.

FA Fork Arms or forklift tines
FA Fork Arms or forklift tines

Fork Arms:

  • Tough CrMo high tensile steel
  • Light weight, slow wearing
  • Standard ITA carriage hooks
  • Other sizes available

When fitting fork arms ensure that the marking on the fork arms is compatible with the forklift rating. Each fork arm is stamped on the side with the relevant information. The rating is for an individual fork arm and should be doubled to provide a total safe working load. Refer table above and descriptions below for all rating information for each type of fork arm available.

Fork Arm Type FA12-100 Class 2 mounting
Stamped on each fork arm 600 x 600 representing 600kg at 600mm LC
Combined capacity for the pair = 1200kg at 600mm load centre

Fork Arm Type FA15-107 / 120 Class 2 mounting
Stamped on each fork arm 750 x 600 representing 750kg at 600mm LC
Combined capacity for the pair = 1500kg at 600mm load centre

Fork Arm Type FA25-107 / 120 Class 2 mounting
Stamped on each fork arm 1250 x 600 representing 1250kg at 600mm LC
Combined capacity for the pair = 2500kg at 600mm load centre

Fork Arm Type FA30-107 / 120 Class 3 mounting
Stamped on each fork arm 1500 x 600 representing 1500kg at 600mm LC
Combined capacity for the pair = 3000kg at 600mm load centre

Fork Arm Type FA45-107 / 120 Class 3 mounting
Stamped on each fork arm 2250 x 600 representing 2250kg at 600mm LC
Combined capacity for the pair = 4500kg at 600mm load centre

Forklift Tines - Fork Arms Sales PDF

Fork Arms & Carriage Bars

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