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Freeway pothole repair made simple

Supplier: Road Construction Products By: © Earthco Projects 2017
17 May, 2017

The cost of fixing small potholes is much less than fixing major road failures. For road authorities with maintenance backlogs this is not news! But there's a simple way to fix potholes before Winter.

The best time to perform road maintenance is when the roads are in fair condition, rather than waiting until they deteriorate further. With Winter around the corner, now is the time to fix potholes and damaged roads.

Quality Pavement Repair is ready-made asphalt that is bagged for ease of use, and can be loaded on a works vehicle for quick repairs. What makes this 'throw and go' solution different from other cheap 'alternatives' on the market is that it's permanent. 

Once applied to a pothole or road failure, QPR does not crumble, pop out or bleed onto the surrounding pavement. After 30 years of use by road authorities in the USA, QPR has earned it's reputation and is now available from Earthco Projects in Australia.

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