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Giant Inflatables

Giant Inflatables is Australia's leading supplier of inflatable temporary Buildings and inflatable pipe plugging products as well as a wide range of custom designed and engineered inflatable products for industry. One of the only Australian owned and run inflatable companies working too all Australian safety and engineering standards to ensure all products are of the absolute highest quality and operate in the safest manner available in this up and coming industry. With over 19 years of industry experience giant inflatables can guarantee a product that exceeds all expectation in any industry. With a dedicated and highly trained care crew Giant Inflatables not only offers industry leading products, we offer a service experience unlike any other.

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Giant Inflatables industrial is an award winning company supplying inflatable industrial products to industry in Australia and all over the world

Giant Inflatables received an Outstanding Achievement Award for its Federation Square inflatable wall project. The project was recognized in the competition’s Interactive and Cold Air Inflatables category.
We design engineer and produce inflatable products for a wide range of industrial applications

We specialize in inflatable frame structures, for portable and temporary applications and Inflatable plugs, vapor barriers and cushions for the pipeline and infrastructure industries

Our company offers a range of simple to use and safe to operate products designed to make operating them easy and simple.

Our experienced engineers and industrial architects undertake custom projects for all manner of industrial applications

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Trade Assurance
10 Yrs

Level: Standard Storefront
Location: Braeside , VIC
Distribution: Australia, World Wide
Established: 1998
Joined: Oct 2007
Employees: 6-20
Certifications: AS 3533.1
Customers: VISY,BHP Billiton,CSRIO,Duratec,Cubic Defence