27 Feb 2022

JBT solutions within curing, massaging and injection are designed to create a better yield, higher efficiency, and a tastier end result.

JBT Schröder have been developing curing, injection, and marinating technology for more than 50 years. As a globally recognized manufacturer we have a diverse range of machines are designed to solve even the most unconventional needs of facilities that process meat, poultry, fish, as well as other food products. With high injection efficiency and fast throughput our equipment will boost your productivity.


Brine preparation

In addition to consistent product quality, the BRIMAX brine preparation system offers operator guidance during brine creation, weight checks during batching, uniform cooling and mixing times and much more. The unique features of the software were developed with years of experience so the system can be easily operated and ensure consistent and repeatable results every time.



Traditional curing methods (pickling) are seldom sufficient for distributing brine uniformly in meat cuts in industrial processing. Brine Injection is a multi-needle method for fast, exact, sufficient, and uniform brine distributing into various fresh meat, fish, and poultry products. Precise injection quantities with uniform brine distribution, continuous production and a hygienic design are just some of the customer advantages when using IMAX injection technology.



Tumbling is a mechanical treatment of meat intended to give it a more tender structure. In the case of the commonly known tumbler technology, a big drum rotates horizontally on a guide. Flat baffles lying on the inner walls of the container cause the pieces of meat to fall and produce a gentle movement. The massage process takes a completely different approach. Here the container has a fixed construction with an internal, rotating shaft. Large, spiral-shaped paddles are mounted on this shaft and move the product around its axis. Since these paddles move within the meat mass and, unlike the tumbler, there is not just contact between the product and unit at the outer edge, each individual muscle is actively touched. This paddle technology, in combination with an extremely high degree of system filling (up to 85%) and active jacket cooling, leads to very efficient and effect protein activation. And, in comparison with tumbler technology, less production space and fewer personnel are needed due to the automated processes. Your benefits: demonstrably shorter process times and better yields.