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Hi-Q Components

For all your - Whatchamacallits, thingamabobs, gizmos, widgets, doodats and stuff

Hi-Q has thousands of electronic components, plastic fixings & fastenings, plastic hardware, plastic plugs and caps, tube inserts, and clear tube packaging ready for same day dispatch from stock.

Our Electronic Components range includes AC and DC cooling fans, fan accessories, terminal blocks, connectors, switches, mains filters, buzzers, speakers, and indicators.

Our extensive selection of specialized plastic fasteners, Nylon Screws and Nuts, Nylon Rivets and Clips, Washers, Spacers, PCB Supports, Insulating Bushes and Grommets, Cable-ties, Cable-tie Mounts and Clips, Cable Glands and Cord-grips is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

We also stock a large range of Hammond small enclosures manufactured from Plastic, Extruded Aluminium, and Die Cast Aluminium. The range includes all types and sizes, general purpose, miniature, multipurpose, instrument, handheld, watertight, flame retardant.

We have New Zealand’s largest ex-stock range of plastic caps and plugs available in threaded and non-threaded versions in a variety of sizes and materials including polyethylene and vinyl. Our threaded caps and plugs provide the ultimate protection for BSP/NPT and JIC/UNF fittings and ports. And for a lower-cost solution we stock a complete range of non-threaded caps & plugs.

For hi-temperature processes including powder-coating, our range of silicone caps & plugs and hi-temp tapes & discs are the solution. Suitable for temperatures up to 316ºC, we have standard hi-temp product in-stock and ready for delivery to cover the most demanding masking applications.

Be sure to look at our range of industrial components. These include extensive types of knobs
Handles, Levers, Hand wheels, and adjustable feet.
These are high quality well designed European manufactured items at reasonable prices.

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For all your : Whatchamacallits, thingamabobs, gizmos, widgets, doodats and stuff

Hi-Q has more than twenty five years in business meeting customers requirements for all plastic hardware and mounting solutions also a range of electronic components from New Zealand stock. Our experience is often valuable in helping solve customers design problems and we always invite new challenges.

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