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Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd | Pool Resurfacing & Painting

Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd

Epotec epoxy pool paint can help your pool or spa to shine and bring it back to life if it’s tired, worn, faded or unattractive.

Epotec helps in pool resurfacing, be it concrete (painted or not), Marblesheen, Pebblecrete, fibreglass or other surfaces like Quartzon.

Epotec is a specially formulated UV, wear and tear resistant, epoxy pool paint, which is a proven long term solution to all your pool needs.

It provides a decorative, smooth, seamless, easy to clean surface season after season. Epotec can be used on new pools too.

We, at Hitchins Technolgy, can work with you to satisfy all your pool needs providing you with cost effective solutions.

We also offer technical help, ideas and practical answers to your questions, including full support for DIY (Do it yourself) and approved applicators in many areas or working with your preferred contractor.

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To receive quality and value with proven long lasting, attractive, easy clean and effective answers, then Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd is the place for you.Join hundreds of other satisfied clients, Australia wide.

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