Hovelsrud meets G.Mondini Technology

20 Jun 2022

Hovelsrud is one of the largest farms on Helgøya in Lake Mjøsa. With a long tradition of producing high quality food, Hovelsrud stands out by choosing a sustainable way of working.

Hovelsrud is one of the largest farms on Helgøya in Lake Mjøsa. With a long tradition of producing high quality food, Hovelsrud stands out by choosing a sustainable way of working – respecting nature and the best possible animal welfare.

“The investment in ecology is an investment in the agriculture of the future.” Says Mrs Marianne Olssøn.
“We believe that agriculture in all the world should be turned towards more sustainable production.”

Hovelsrud was looking for a supplier who would be able to support the company’s sustainability pledge, whilst also providing a cost-effective solution to lower the cost of pack production.

The project objective was to pack Hovelsrud premium organic chicken in environmentally-friendly packaging – reducing the use of plastic, whilst also maintaining optimum product presentation and a premium look and feel.

“Our supplier, Fooodtech, had told us about G. Mondini’s highly technological solutions and the quality of their machines. After a short interview, we understood that G. Mondini met our requirements.”

Hovelsrud’s premium organic chicken breast and legs are now packed by Slimfresh® technology – the vacuum skin packaging solution with optimum recycling features. The cardboard base combined with vacuum skin guarantees up to 80% less plastic and a fresh packaging style. Furthermore, the Skin Technology guarantees good shelf life of the product – preserving all its characteristics and integrity.

“The G. Mondini packaging machine fit our needs perfectly – innovative, flexible and cost-effective ends Mrs Olssøn

“The reception has been very positive, we have had approx. 100% growth in 12 months.