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Huntsman Polyurethane Spray Technology

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Coatings based on Huntsman technology vary from paints where aesthetics in combination with adhesive properties and durability are paramount, through heavy duty protection for bridge and car park surfaces, to protective finishes for metal and concrete, pipelines, truck bed liners and other end-uses.

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Definition and chemistry
The urethane coatings chemistry can be divided into three subsegments: Each segment deals with systems which can be aromatic, aliphatic, or a blend of both aromatic and aliphatic. Pigments, fillers, solvents and/or additives can be introduced to all of them.

  1. Polyurethane coatings
    A purely polyurethane coating is the result of a reaction between an isocyanate component and a resin blend made with only hydroxyl-containing resins.
    The final coating film will contain no intentional urea groups. A polyurethane system will most probably contain one or more catalysts.
  2. Polyurea coatings
    A polyurea coating is the result of a one-step reaction between an isocyanate component and a resin blend component. The isocyanate can be monomer based, a prepolymer, a polymer or a blend.
    For the prepolymer, amine- and/or hydroxyl-terminated resins can be used. On the other hand, the resin blend sho uld only contain amine-terminated resins and/or chain extenders and not any hydroxyl reactive polymer component.
  3. Hybrid polyurethane/polyurea coatings
    A polyurethane/polyurea hybrid coating has a composition which is a combination of the above-mentioned two coating systems.
    The isocyanate component can be the same as for the “pure” polyurea systems. The resin blend is a blend of amine-terminated and hydroxyl-terminated polymer resins and/or chain extenders.
    The resin blend may also contain additives, or non-primary components. To bring the reactivity of the hydroxyl-containing resins to the same level of reactivity as the amine-terminated resins, the addition of one or more catalysts is necessary.

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