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Husqvarna Construction Products

Husqvarna Construction Products is a part of Husqvarna AB. We are a world leader in the construction and stone industries. Our extensive construction product range includes products for:

• Wall sawing
• Drilling
• Floor sawing
• Power Cutting
• Remote Demolition
• Wire sawing
• Early entry sawing
• Surface Preparation
• Tile sawing
• Diamond Tools

The stone product range is comprised of a variety of different diamond tools for quarries and the stone processing industry.

We offer complete, carefully thought through, easy-to-use tool system. This gives you an outstanding possibility to find the perfect combination of machine and tool for all kinds of jobs. We have the market’s widest, most innovative and powerful range of machinery and tools for the construction and stone industries.

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As a manufacturer of outdoor products, we have a great responsibility in environmental issues. Therefore we have developed a holistic approach that affects our entire operations, from production methods, packaging, noise and consumption of materials to the energy consumption, exhaust emissions and finally the recyclability of the products. We always prefer to use environmentally compatible materials in our production and we are continually replacing old materials with new, even more environmentally compatible alternatives, as these are developed.

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