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HydroCon Australasia

HydroCon Australasia | Drainage and stormwater management

HydroCon Australasia

HydroCon Products:

HydroSTON porous (permeable) concrete pavers:
Porous, permeable, free draining, strong, durable, concrete composition, segmental, slip resistant, natural looking.
Suitable for driveways, parking spaces, carparks, laneways, footpaths, courtyards, tree surrounds, drain covers.

HydroCon permeable concrete pipes:
Porous, permeable, strong, durable, modular, highly researched, proven water quality benefits, easily cleaned.
Suitable for stormwater treatment, detention, infiltration, stormwater harvesting, drainage, protection of ecosystems, beaches and waterways.

HydroCon Australasia offers solutions for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), innovative water management and environmental protection by providing effective, high quality and sustainable products, which improve water quality, treat stormwater at source, facilitate infiltration, on-site retention and reuse, control drainage and reduce flooding.

HydroCon products and systems have been installed in a wide range of applications in Australia, and have won numerous WSUD and stormwater industry awards.

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HydroCon was established in 2001 for the purpose of adapting, further developing, manufacturing and marketing HydroCon stormwater retention and infiltration technology in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region. The company’s mission is to contribute to environmental protection by providing effective, high quality and sustainable stormwater solutions in the urban environment, using leading edge permeable concrete technology.

HydroCon’s technology is unique in Australia. HydroSTON permeable concrete paving units offer distinct advantages over other permeable paving forms. Unlike resin or other synthetic materials, permeable concrete continues to gain strengthen over time. HydroSTON is rated as ‘free draining’ and is permeable across the full face and body of the paver. This feature distinguishes HydroSTON from other segmental permeable pavers, which generally rely on gaps in an otherwise solid paving unit for permeability.

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