Importance of preventative maintenance servicing

Preventative Maintenance Servicing ensures that machinery and compressors function properly and prevents unexpected downtime.

Some may wonder what Preventative Maintenance Servicing is. In short form it means regularly completing scheduled servicing and other activities to help prevent unexpected downtime and failures from occurring. Basically this means fixing and keeping machines and compressors maintained before they breakdown.

The below image is two air filters: one brand new and one well past its usage capacity. This picture is also a great display of why and how important it is to keep your Preventative Maintenance (PM) services up to date, by not doing so you’re setting yourself up for endless headache and trouble. 

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Having the air filter in your compressor replaced at least 6 monthly will not only prevent the build-up of dust and debris within the filter but ensures the air supplied to the pneumatic tools and machinery from the compressor is clean, therefore significantly extending their lifespan.

Alternatively, if servicing is not maintained and filters are not replaced or blown out, they end up clogged and blocked causing countless problems in which many are costly, not so easy to fix and cause your compressor to have constant underlying problems. 

A major factor of having the compressor down is the down time this causes to your business.

A Couple Of The Many Factors To Keep In Mind With Maintenance Servicing :


The more you use it the more maintenance will be needed. The more work the internal filters are doing and the more frequent the services will need to be.


If your compressor is in a dusty warehouse, blowing your compressor out weekly or at least fortnightly is highly recommended. Technician will do this as part of the periodic service however, you will still need to do this between each visit to ensure your preserving your air compressor from unnecessary lifespan shortening.

Correct Filtration

Having the right pre+post filtration tends to work wonders to the functioning of your air compressor also.

Airborne particles, water vapour, microbes and chemical gases enter compressors. After compression has taken place these contaminants become concentrated and more destructive. 

Having correct filters in place remove these contaminants from the compressed air. Clean and dry air protects the compressed air system, reduces maintenance costs and increases the finished air quality.

For any technician out there, they will understand the frustration of going to sites due to a ‘breakdown’, ‘overheat’ or ‘fault’ only to find the PM servicing hadn’t been kept up to date or the necessary procedures were not put in place or abided by to help prevent these happenings.

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