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Improving the accuracy of dosing and blending applications

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia
26 October, 2011

When it comes to dosing, measurement accuracy is crucial.

Dosing systems either require inline or batch blending processes of reagents or final product ingredients. Both reagents and ingredients are often dosed in very small amounts and are typically very expensive. Even small errors can dramatically affect final product quality and costs of production.

The tolerances of dosing quantities can even lead to complete failure of the process or batch of final product. The media, which is dosed into a process, can vary in temperature and pressure. This affects density and even viscosity, rendering dosing based volume ineffective.

Mass flowmeters are ideal for use in dosing and blending applications. They're simple to employ into a process plant and provide highly accurate measurement of density, viscosity, mass flow and even volumetric flow should it be required for reference purposes. Industry specific units like concentration, Brix, degrees Plato, pulp density and dry tonnes are derived from the measurement of density and temperature and are critical to the dosing and blending of product.

The measurement solution

The Promass coriolis mass flowmeter from Endress+Hauser offers the highest accuracy and complete all in one measurement of all measurement parameters. There are no internal gaskets and the meter is available in a variety of corrosion resistant materials. The Promass is suited as a standard production flowmeter to satisfy 95% of all combinations of process pressures, temperatures and chemical compositions.