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Industrial Laser

Industrial laser P/L is a supplier of premium laser equipment for industry for cutting, welding, cladding, marking and engraving of metals; and cutting, welding and marking of plastics. Sales are backed up by comprehensive stocks of parts and consumables, and our team of factory-trained specialist engineers.

The equipment spans CO2, Nd:yag and fiber laser technologies with sole agencies with international manufacturers such as:
Cincinnati Inc - flat-bed laser cutting machines for sheetmetal and flat plate industries.
Concept Laser GmbH - powder fusion machines for toolmaking, medical & dental implants and jewellry manufacture.
Lasit SRL - laser marking and engraving machines for .

Our agency status with a range of laser component suppliers enables us to offer full turnkey custom and in-line systems. Those agencies include:
IPG Photonics - fiber laser systems for both industrial and scientific applications.
PRC - CO2 laser sources.
LaserSOS - Nd:Yag laser sources.
Precitec - laser heads and process monitoring for cutting, welding & cladding.
SilversCNC - customisable Windows-based CNC control systems for up to 7 simultaneous axis.

We stock consumables for most makes and models of laser machine from:
American Photonics - all types of transmissive optics (lenses,output couplers, rear mirrors, windows)..
Laser Beam Products - all types of reflective optics (fold mirrors, phase retarders, phase lock mirrors, collimator mirrors).
Laser SOS - Nd:Yag parts for all makes (flash lamps, Q-switches, flow tubes, rods).
Holma - nozzles and head parts for all makes of laser-cutting machines.

Second-hand laser cutting and laser marking machines are offered for sale or lease, with inspection and trial and operation training carried out in our showroom.

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Established in 1998 to offer independant service to the growing base of laser users, Industrial Laser has grown with the industry to offer a full range of laser machines, components and services to match industry demands throughout Australia and New Zealand.
We have been, and will continue to be at the forefront of new laser technologies as they emerge overseas, and keep our customers up to date with their application and benefits so they too can be at the forefront of change.

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