Industrial Minerals Applications

Supplier: Outotec
13 March, 2009

The primary equipment used in the Industrial Minerals market is the Larox C Series automatic pressure filter, specifically for its ability to handle large tonnages while producing a very pure product with low moisture content cakes.

The Scheibler polishing filter also finds application in the industry for Boric Acid, Silicas and TiO2 applications for the polishing of liquid streams, either prior to downstream processing, or for recovery of product from waste streams.

The Pannevis vacuum belt filter also finds application in several areas including Boric Acid, Silicas, TiO2 and especially Zeolites.

Finally the Hoesch membrane filter press is used extensively in GCC and TiO2.

Over 120 Larox automatic pressure filters (PF) filters have been sold to Industrial Minerals customers worldwide. Totally over 200 Larox filters covering all the product lines have been sold for industrial mineral dewatering.

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