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Instant Weighing

In the commercial and industrial market, it is essential to your business operation to know the correct weight of the materials you are handling. Instant Weighing supplies weighing equipment and provides support to industries such as mining, quarrying, transport, industrial and farming. We are determined to ensure that the measurement products we supply perform to your high standards and even exceed your expectations.

All our technicians are licensed and conversant with the Australian Federal Government legislation controlled by the National Measurement Institute (NMI). We are also qualified to advise you on the appropriate scale or balance that would be best suit to your requirements. It is in our interest to provide products and services that make a significant contribution to the success of Western Australian industries, so let us be your partner in strengthening your business.

As a scale distribution company, Instant Weighing is a licensed scale company involved in supplying a large range of trade approved and non-trade approved digital scales. From fine scientific balances (weighing in increments as fine a 0.0001g), to the full range of large platform, medical, crane, counting and industrial scales, as well as load cells and digital indicators, we have everything you require and if not, we will happily source it for you.

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